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Tech White Paper


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Vision AI. Momentum

Wayne Hills Ventures focuses day and night on technology and services that can make people happier.


Creating technology that is convenient for people, that is how we do business models and invest in business models. It is the reason and the changed world that we want to create through SW service. ​ We expanded to cognitive search and new technology scenarios based on Artificial Intelligence (人工知能) processing, and started with "AI Public Cloud SaaS SW", which we announced in 2017, and the cognitive search function of Wayne Hills Ventures provides a variety of end users.


We are developing SW by applying a series of compilable cognitive technologies to extract knowledge from content. ​ Through in-depth integration of cognitive abilities, AI.SW technologies such as "image recognition, text key phrase extraction, text writing emotion analysis" can be satisfied with one click, and this knowledge enables new experiences for data exploration.


And will be released and distributed to domestic/overseas platforms in the future

Go Global

San Francisco Founders Space Accelerator and Silicon Valley Ilab CEO Steve Austin B2B Local Business Convention, where our services can go beyond Asia and beyond Asia, and continue to grow the intrinsic value of the company through business model collaboration.. 

Constant Innovation

Through the digital technological revolution, we can change the world for the better. We continuously invest internally in existing business models. We are focusing on technologies that can make more people's lives valuable and happy, and are upgrading their services.


MAY 26, 2017

CEO  John Wayne (Yi .su .min)
Capital of 1.9 million (2017-2020)

JULY 7, 2017

도전하는자 에게만 미래는 열린다.


There is no future for those who do not challenge.



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