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Consent to data collection and use

“Waynehills TTV A.I” collects and processes data as follows to provide user-friendly functions such as ‘video production’ and ‘video editing’. Data is collected through a mechanical algorithm, and even if the original content is deleted, the content can be used for artificial intelligence learning. Users have the right to refuse this consent, but if they refuse consent, they cannot use the service because it is an essential consent to use the “Waynehills TTV A.I” service.

1. Collected items

1) Collected items

2) Original video and original feature information for content creation (person, animal, plant, object, background, etc.)

3) Attribute data of content (metadata)

2. Purpose of collection and use

Classification of contents according to object and date, such as ‘video production’ and ‘video editing’, provision of personalized service or recommended content, service improvement and new service development

3. Retention and use period

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