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2024 Wayne Hills Vision A.I

2024 Wayne Hills Vision A.I

Title   Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Launches Research and Development of Image Generation Technology Through Neural Network-Based Brain Signals content Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. (Wayne Hills Bryant A.I., hereinafter Wayne Hills) is developing an A.I. generation/synthetic service called "Wayne Hills Neural Network A.I." that can produce video content with only human thoughts  Wayne Hills U.S. corporation has launched research and development and artificial intelligence IP patents. * The core of Wayne Hills Neuralink AII's development is 

BCI (Brain–Computer Interface) technology  It connects polymer microelectrodes to the brain to receive electrical signals generated when the brain perceives and thinks as detailed signals and produces information into text and imaging on a monitor, or wireless device  For the first time, Wayne Hills has launched research and development to launch a U.S. service. Wayne Hills' existing AI software 'STV (Speech to Video) ver 2.0' implements it as a video only when a person provides voice information directly through speech Wayne Hills Neural Network AI' has a big difference in that even if you just think about it, you text it into BCI and video it straight away, ultimately implementing a person's thoughts as video. "Wayne Hills Neural Network AI" is expected to use an implantable BCI that directly plants a device in the human brain. In addition to brain waves, implantable BCIs are expected to minimize errors between human thoughts and final outputs by being able to read nerve signals and motor cortex movements in brain cells in detail. In the future, video content can be produced by immediately changing the meaning of thoughts to wireless devices and monitors, and automatically generating and synthesizing images that fit the text, rather than expressing them in words, actions, or expressions.  In this process, Wayne Hills' existing service, "TTV (Text to Video) AI," which converts text into video, is expected to play an important role. YI Soo-min, CEO of Wayne Hills, said, "Since we already have an artificial intelligence service that can produce or synthesize images using information such as voice or text, research and development on brain signal recognition through neural network-based BCI."  We can achieve remarkable results," he said. "We will focus on preoccupying overseas patent IP and R&D for the first time."  We will do our best to target the global market based on our technology," he said.

From : Wayne Hills.Bryant John 2023.Oct


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