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‘ Text to Video AI  &  Speech to Video AI .Algorithm ‘

Vision AI. Momentum

Wayne Hills Ventures focuses day and night on technology and services that can make people happier.


Creating technology that is convenient for people, that is how we do business models and invest in business models. It is the reason and the changed world that we want to create through SW service. ​ We expanded to cognitive search and new technology scenarios based on Artificial Intelligence (人工知能) processing, and started with "AI Public Cloud SaaS SW", which we announced in 2017, and the cognitive search function of Wayne Hills Ventures provides a variety of end users.


We are developing SW by applying a series of compilable cognitive technologies to extract knowledge from content. ​ Through in-depth integration of cognitive abilities, AI.SW technologies such as "image recognition, text key phrase extraction, text writing emotion analysis" can be satisfied with one click, and this knowledge enables new experiences for data exploration.


And will be released and distributed to domestic/overseas platforms in the future

Go Global

San Francisco Founders Space Accelerator and Silicon Valley Ilab CEO Steve Austin B2B Local Business Convention, where our services can go beyond Asia and beyond Asia, and continue to grow the intrinsic value of the company through business model collaboration.. 

Constant Innovation

Through the digital technological revolution, we can change the world for the better. We continuously invest internally in existing business models. We are focusing on technologies that can make more people's lives valuable and happy, and are upgrading their services.



Work Rule & Culture Deck 

We Invest
More Than
15 Years Experience

MAY 26, 2017

Capital of 1.9 million (2017-2020)
     CEO  John Wayne (Yi .su .min)

JULY 7, 2017

도전하는자 에게만 미래는 열린다


There is no future for those who do not challenge.


For any inquiries, please call or email us:
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Asia Korea

HQ 1 Office) A01 Startup Branch, 2F COEX, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

HQ 2 Office)11F, Front One, 122, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul

HQ 3 Office)LG Science Park AI Open Lab, 30 Magokjungang 10-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul


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Wayne Hills Ventures History

2017.06 웨인힐스벤처스 설립

2017.06 Established Wayne Hills Ventures



1.  삼성전자 특허양도 및 전용실시권 허여 5건 계약체결(자체 특허등록 4건) 해외출원 1건

Samsung Electronics patent transfer and exclusive license grant 5 contracts (self patent registration 4 cases) 1 overseas application

2. 산업자원통상부(주최) 정보통신산업진흥원 (주관) “지식서비스 글로벌 수출기업  3위 선정”

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (sponsored) Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (sponsored) “Selected as the 3rd largest exporter of knowledge service”



1. 정보통신산업진흥원 ICT 콤플렉스 SW개발 스타트업 선정.

Selected as a start-up for ICT complex SW development by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency.

2. 한화 드림플러스 & 예스24 엑셀러레이터 선정.

Selected as Hanwha Dream Plus & Yes24 Accelerator.

3.(주식회사 법인전환 [자본금 3천만원]

(Conversion to corporation [Capital 30 million ]

4. 디캠프 (스마트 스터디 벤처스) 디데이 스타트업 선정.  

D.camp (Smart Study Ventures) D-Day Startup Selection.

5. RISING X 동남아시아 베트남 하노이/호치민 한국 테크스타트업  2위선정.

RISING X Southeast Asia Vietnam Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh Korea ranked second in tech startups.

6. 삼성전자 2020 C-Lab 스타트업 선정.

Selected as a 2020 C-Lab startup by Samsung Electronics.

7. TIPS(Tech Incubator Program for startup) selection

8. 정보통신 산업진흥원  K-GLOBAL 스타트업 선정.

Selected as a K-GLOBAL startup by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency


1.  2020 『IBK창공(創工) 혁신 창업기업 스타트업 선정.

2020 『IBK Changgong(創工) selected as an innovative start-up company.

2. 2020  신한퓨처스랩 6기 AI (인공지능) 스타트업 선정.

2020 Shinhan Futures Lab 6th AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup selection.

3. 2020  기술보증기금 주관 "2020년 제6기 기보벤처캠프" 혁신창업기업 선정

Selected as "2020 6th Notation Venture Camp" by the Technology Guarantee Fund

4. 2020  현대중공업 기술공모 120대 1 경쟁 인공지능 기술 스타트업 선정

2020  Selected as a 120-to-1 competitive artificial intelligence technology start-up for Hyundai Heavy Industries

5. 2020  롯데컬처웍스 인공지능 자동화 콘텐츠 기업 스타트업  선정

2020 Selected as a startup for artificial intelligence automation contents by Lotte Culture Works

6. 2020  CJ ENM  인공지능 밸류체인  협력사 선정

2020 Selected as a partner company for CJ ENM Artificial Intelligence Value Chain

7. 2020  포스코 IMP 파트너사 선정

2020 Selected as POSCO IMP Partner

8. 2020  제2회 B-스타트업 챌린지 대상 1위선정 (주)웨인힐스벤처스

2020   2nd B-Startup Challenge Grand Prize winner Wayne Hills Ventures Co., Ltd.

9. 2020  LG 사이언스파크 인공지능 스타트업 선정 

2020 LG Science Park AI startup selection

10. 과학기술정보통신부 민관협력기반 ICT 스타트업육성사업 선정  R&D 5억원 유치

Selected as an ICT startup promotion project based on public-private cooperation by the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication Attracts 500 million KRW in R&D

11. [Born2Global Centre] Boot-X  USA EAST SIDE  테크 스타트업 선정 

[Born2Global Center] Boot-X USA EAST SIDE tech startup selection

12. 솔트룩스 AI 컨퍼런스 'SAC 2020' 인공지능 데카콘 최우수상 선정 

Saltlux AI Conference'SAC 2020', Artificial Intelligence Decacon Selected as the Grand Prize

13. 한국데이타 산업진흥원  AI인공지능 데이터바우처 사업 선정

Selected for AI AI data voucher project by Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency​

14. 마포혁신타운 ‘프론트1’  1기 혁신창업기업 선정

Mapo Innovation Town “Front 1” Selected as the 1st innovative startup company

15. 2021년 미국 라스베이거스 국제가전전시회(CES)동행. 혁신기업 최우수상 선정

Attend the 2021 Las Vegas International Home Appliances Exhibition (CES)

Selected as the best innovative company

16. 코리아 스타트업 포럼 회원사  등록

Registered as a member of the Korea Startup Forum

17. 마곡산업단지 입주기업 도레이첨단소재, S-OIL, LG사이언스파크, 코오롱미래기술원 지정 

미래 유망 기술을 보유 스타트업 우수기업 선정

Designated as a tenant company in Magok Industrial Complex, Toray Advanced Materials, S-OIL, LG Science Park, and Kolon Future Technology Institute / Selected as an excellent startup company with promising future technology

18. 솔트룩스 (코스닥 상장사) 전략적 업무협약 체결 (SI & FI)

Saltlux (KOSDAQ listed company) strategic business agreement signed (SI & FI)

19. 하나은행 Agile Lab. AI 기반 영상 자동생성 솔루션.금융상품 및 서비스 연구개발 협약.

Hana Bank Agile Lab. AI based video automatic generation solution. Financial product and service R&D agreement.

20. 중소벤처기업부 .언택트 소상공인 자영업자를 위한 생활혁신형 기술개발사업 선정

Ministry of SMEs and Startups Selected as a life-innovative technology development project for the self-employed small business owners of Untact

21.제4회 서울혁신챌린지 인공지능 4차산업 관련  WAYNE HILLS AI . 기술분야 선정.

The 4th Seoul Innovation Challenge WAYNE HILLS AI related to the 4th artificial intelligence industry. Technical field selection.


HI PARTNERS (HITECH INVESTMENT) MOU with a representative Russian investment company.

23.삼성전자 클라우드 서비스 등 특허기술 양도 3건 계약체결

Signed a contract for 3 transfers of patented technology such as Samsung Electronics' cloud service

24.스타트업 : 알려줌(컨텐츠)  / BGM 팩토리(음원) JOINT MOU.

Startup: Inform (contents)  / BGM factory (sound source) JOINT MOU.

25.서울창업허브‘우수 스타트업 베트남 진출 프로그램’선정 및 웨인힐스벤처스 협약체결

Seoul Startup Hub “Excellent Startup Program to Enter Vietnam” and Signed Wayne Hills Ventures Agreement

26.웨인힐스벤처스 벤처기업 인증

Wayne Hills Ventures . Venture Business Certification

27.[2020 서울금융위크] IP(지식재산) 컴피티션 서울시장상(대상)

[2020 Seoul Financial Week] IP (Intellectual Property) Competition Seoul Mayor Award (Grand Prize)

28.서울 캠퍼스타운〈2020 X-TECH 기술창업 대회> 대상

Seoul Campus Town <2020 X-TECH Technology Startup Competition> Grand Prize

29.2020년도 K-Global@China K-Pitch  과학기술정보통신부 장관상

2020 K-Global@China K-Pitch Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Award

30.한국무역협회 & 한국능률협회컨설팅 디지털 뉴딜 사업 MOU

Korea International Trade Association & Korea Management Association Consulting Digital New Deal Business MOU

31.중국 北京金麗羊投資管理有限公司(북경금리양 투자관리공사) 및 北京英括昌盛按資管理有限公司(북경영괄창성안자관리유한공사) 와 투자의향 체결

Signed the intention to invest in Chinese institutions

30.문화체육관광부 2020 일하기 좋은 여가친화기업 선정

Selected as a good leisure-friendly company for work by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 2020

31.2020 서울시 우수중소기업 "하이 서울기업인증 "

2020 Seoul Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise "High Seoul Enterprise Certification" 

(WAYNE HILLS AI . 투자/자금유치) WAYNE HILLS AI. Investment attraction

1. 정보통신산업진흥원 신기술 조합 펀드 3천만원 투자유치.

Attracted 30 million won investment from the New Technology Association Fund by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency.

2. 씨엔티 테크(팁스 운용사) 3천만원 투자유치.

CNT Tech (Tips manager) attracted 30 million won investment. 

3. 넥스트 챌린지 투자유치 5천만원 투자유치.

NEXT CHALLENGE AC  50 million won investment.

4. 포스텍 홀딩스 (포항공대 기술지주) 투자유치 3억원

POSTECH Holdings (Pohang University Technology Holdings) attracted investment of KRW 300 million 

5. BNK 부산은행 투자유치 1억원

BNK Busan Bank investment attraction 100 million 

6. BNK 벤처투자 투자유치 5억원

BNK Venture Investment Attraction of 500 million 

7. 인포뱅크 (상장사) 투자유치 3억원

Infobank (listed company) investment attraction KRW 300 million 

8. 포스코 IMP 벤처펀드 투자유치 1억원

POSCO IMP Venture Fund investment attraction of 100 million 

9. 신용보증기금 혁신 스타트업 보증 10억원 

​Credit Guarantee Fund Innovation Startup Guaranteed 1 billion 


     Asia Korea

     (HQ 1 Office) A01 Startup Branch, 2F COEX, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

     (HQ 2 Office) 11F, Front One, 122, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul

     (HQ 3 Office) LG Science Park AI Open Lab, 30 Magokjungang 10-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

     Founder  : John  (Yi.su.min)

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